176: The Pompous Pizza Chef, Sex Education, Creating Animation Videos Online, and a Big Marketing Lesson from Roberts Radio.

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Show Notes for “Help My Business!” Episode #176 (Scroll down for Comments)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Infusionsoft Demo (Experience the power of Infusionsoft in your marketing)

StupeFlix (Create a professional looking animation video online)

NiftyClicks (Discover the best online tools and resources)

Submit Your Website For Review (by Andrew on the Internet Intervention Segment)

Big Lessons Book (Andrew’s Brand NEW book with small business marketing ideas)

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I’m THRILLED to tell you that this week, the video podcast reached #1 on iTunes, above TED Talks, Harvard Business Review, Seth Godin, Clark Howard, Jim Cramer and Pat Flynn.  Now onto this week’s episode…

I went to a New York pizza restaurant recently and since I’m gluten and dairy free, that can be limiting for me.  I was frustrated that the chef wouldn’t let me add an ingredient, but he would let me take something away!  I’d love to know your thoughts on what went down – do you agree with me or with the chef?  Let me know in the comments below!

Sex education in schools is apparently a very sensitive subject in the U.S. This week’s viewer question is from someone who wants to get her curriculum into more schools in Canada.  I called up a friend of mine to help answer the question, and he gave some great advice. 

If you like Animoto for creating online animated videos then I think you’ll love StupeFlix. It’s a nifty web resource and the videos it creates from your photos or videos look GREAT!

Finally, there’s a BIG marketing lesson for your small business, from Roberts Radio whose British made product is absolutely first-class quality.  The way they tell their story in their ads is top-notch and there’s an important lesson for all entrepreneurs here.  

As usual, let me know your thoughts about the small business resources I shared with you this week – leave your comment below, it’s really easy to do, and I’d LOVE to hear whatever is on your mind!

Enjoy the show!