Episode #158 – Marketing at the Hard Rock Cafe, Is Internet Business too Technical, How to Host an SSL image Securely, and a BIG Marketing Lesson from AMC Movie Chain

By locky|June 19, 2012|HMB Episodes|79 comments

Episode #158 – Marketing at the Hard Rock Cafe, Is Internet Business too Technical, How to Host an SSL image Securely, and a BIG Marketing Lesson from AMC Movie Chain.

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This episode opens with my experience dining at Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, CA.  I was really impressed with how they do their marketing, particularly to drive people to their store.

Is Internet business too technical?  It depends on how technical YOU are, but that’s the theme of the viewer question in this episode.  Share your thoughts below in the comments.

I have a great nifty resource for hosting images for free on an SSL server.  Check it out.

This week sees the introduction of a new segment from branding consultant Isabelle Mercier.
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Enjoy the show!


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    Interesting, but could be made even more interesting. Video content is too long, and could be made more to the point.

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    Andrew, great content as always, my friend!

    Texas has a number of the dinner/theater combos here, like The Studio Movie Grill and The Movie Tavern. The Movie Tavern even does Nostalgia Nights, where they show classic films and even add themed appetizers and such (we recently saw Casablanca on the big screen for the first time on it’s 70th Anniversary).

    Thanks again!

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    When I try to order the Nifty Clicks DVD for just shipping, it won’t let the order through. First off, it shows zero as the order amount (instead of a shipping fee) and no matter how many times I put in all my info, it leaves me with this response- can you fix? Thanks.

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    Hi this is Sasikala, and i thank u for providing me such a useful video, I particularly liked the first segment about Hard Rock Cafe where the show gave neat advise on how to benefit alongside ensuring that your customer also gets an equal benefit. I think I am also loving the information about Membergate and would love to use it too. Thanks once again for such informative video.

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    Enounce Rocks – it is an amazing way to get more done in a shorter time frame. A great way to leverage web tools.

    Really liked the branding tips as well – need to get to work on them!



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  • Glen

    AMC must have copied McMenamin’s in Portland, Oregon who have been serving food in their theaters for 20 years!

    PS: In the good ol’ USA, polite men remove their hats indoors:(

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  • http://writinghelptools.com Shaun

    Andrew; I hope AMC doesn’t convert their 22 screen complex here (Montreal) to their dining model! This will ruin the indie movie viewing experience! How many people will want to be distracted by this whole resto experience when actually, what they want is to see a movie. A snack in your lap to munch on while viewing is one thing; trying to turn this into some kind of “dining experience” is a whole other deal. If this model succeeds across the AMC chain I will be very surprised.

  • Jessica

    Great video, I like how the beginning is light and funny; it grabs your attention. Interesting tips on how to give incentives to your customers. Never heard of Enounce before either, looks like a great plug in. Thanks for the awesome video!

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    Funny. SEOing on a help my business site… =/

    Anyway, very informative. But the puppet was kind of really annoying…

  • http://www.toddle.com Alan O’Rourke

    Have to say i am horrified by the AMC example.
    Who wants to hear ordering, munching, scraping of plates, dropped knives etc while you have just paid to watch a movie.
    Eat in a restaurant and watch a movie in a cinema!

    Otherwise great show as always Andrew.


  • Lon

    I’m still trying to figure out why the movie theaters have not taken a page from the museum model and placed a gift shop in the lobby. When you go to see Toy Story 3 or Harry Potter, they should offer you the opportunity to purchase books, toys, music, DVDs (of the previous films or featuring the actors), video games, and other film-related items. Instead, the film acts as an advertisement and after-film sales go to Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. The movie theatres have a chance to strike while the iron is hot!

  • Andrew Lock

    That’s a really smart idea Lon!

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