#162: On the Road in Australia & Fiji w/ Marketing Advisor Andrew Lock

By locky|August 27, 2012|HMB Episodes|73 comments

Episode #162 – On the Road with Marketer Andrew Lock in Australia and Fiji.

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This is another travel episode, this time featuring Australia and Fiji.  I was doing some speaking engagements in Australia so Luci and I decided to explore a little while we were there.  Admittedly, there’s not a lot of marketing
lessons in this episode, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.  My aim is to show some insights into Australia and Fiji
that you wouldn’t normally see.

On this trip, we visited Sydney, Cairns, Adelaide, The Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Fiji.

As usual, let me know your opinion about the topics covered in the show to help your small business this week – leave your comment below, it’s really easy to do, no registration required.

Enjoy the show!


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  • Daniel B

    Wow! After watching this I can’t help but want to visit Australia. The Sydney Opera House looks stunning and the Great Barrier Reef is truly awe inspiring. By the way, Andrew should have no problem moonlighting as a travel agent…great job recounting your trip!

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  • arun joy

    Very nice website and video.its very usefull to others.it improve our buissiness skills.it improve all of our buissness

  • jubin

    The easy way to make money is business.I think australia be a best and fantastic place for business.awesome location.Good presentation and camera is also good.

  • Rathina priya

    Myself and my soul mate are doing business. After watching this video we get new confidence & enthu in developing our business. Additionaly it twig our idea in spreading our business.Lastly andrew did a great job goodluck!

  • Carla

    its amazing,i wanna visit Australia now.this way is a good way to spread there business.alot of people get on and see this site will be amazed of how beautiful it is over there.

  • Sagar

    Awesome!! after watching video i feel that i must visit autralia. great barrier reef, and the nice kangaroo’s. andrew you can travel anchor also or start own travelling show..

  • Karen

    The in-flight beds are awesome! Very nice commentary and beautiful pictures of a beautiful country.

  • azalia temple

    i was expecting to learn a few marketing tips on this video, however i enjoyed your tour of australia especially since i have always wanted to visit but never have.

  • http://no A. SINGARAVEL

    hi Andrew, really this video is so good.this video is help to know about Australia and its business. Opera house is really super and awesome.Fiji island is super. this video create interest to vist Australia and Fiji.

  • Cynthia

    So much that I never knew…plan to google about Australia and Fiji. Enjoyed very much. Thank you

  • CliffordII

    Thats awesome you went to Australia. I would love to be in your place for that, but did you have to devote a whole 17 minute video explaining what you did and saw? It just felt like it took so long to get through the video.

  • Roderick

    Australia and Fiji look like some place i should visit it in the near future! But i didnt get any tips really on marketing or any other then the trip..

  • john

    Its a fantastic video presented by Andrew Lock in which he clearly describes how to make money and about various business methods.I was also inspired by the scenic beauties of Australia,its really wonderful.

  • http://mturk.com Kipper

    Andrews presentation is interesting. The intro video and song are high quality and get the viewer pumped up for the info about Australia. Andrew makes it seem like he is a foreigner visiting but his accent tells me otherwise.

  • Gopinath

    Its a fantastic video presented by Andrew Lock in which he clearly describes how to make money and about various business methods..this way is a good way to spread there business.alot of people get on and see this site will be amazed of how beautiful it is over there.Andrews presentation is interesting.

  • usha

    A very useful presentation by Mr.Andrew.I wish to see all of his other presentations too, Which will be very useful to me, now and in future.

  • kavitha

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  • kavitha

    an useful presentation

  • Pooja Bakshi

    Hi Andrew, after watching this video Australia visit is top of my wish list now. Yummmmm Want to try all the flavors of TIm-Tam . Loved the kangaroos and the rainbow. But it seems you really enjoyed Fiji, could make out from your pics. Wish i was there too, but no worries 😉

  • sounder

    hi andrew after watching the video australia as become one of my fav place and the presentation was good enough thanks….

  • http://nerdr.com Nerdr

    “Everything is marketing and marketing is everything”. Truer words have never been spoken Andrew.

    Highly entertaining video, looking forward to seeing more!

  • Maanasa Jyothsna

    As technology is changed… good presentation

  • http://www.facebook.com/bindu.suresh.3914 bindu

    it is usefull to everyone in the world

  • kas

    well didn’t expect u with some thing like this.
    and it was truly great. helped a lot better to see aus in a nut shell.

  • Radha Venkatraman

    Absolutely brilliant video. highly informative and entertaining. brilliant explanation.

  • Sue

    What a fun show! Love it, I totally agree about the business class flights too. I fly to England regularly and a comfy flight makes a huge difference. I like the music on the webcast, but why didn’t it play all the way through? Like English English and American English, there also seems to be an Australian English. Three nations divided by a common language.

  • http://www.echochicgiftshop.com Karrie

    Wonderful video, but the venomous snakes dissuaded me from wanting to got to Australia! LOL Fiji looked Heavenly! I’ll be tuning in to see marketing videos!

  • Kalpana Mourya

    Thank you for the very very useful video presented by Andrew Lock, its important to know about the world to succeed in business, in the video Andrew detailed about Australia and Fiji, The Sydney Opera House looks stunning and the Great Barrier Reef is truly awe inspiring.

  • karthik

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  • Skaka Khan

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  • John

    Very interesting video. Looks like Oz has some interesting places to visit as well as some interesting biz ops.

  • Christine

    I am a business major and listening to this video has really opening my eyes to business ventures overseas (especially Australia)!

  • Jon

    Being a small-business owner moving to Australia for love (sappy, yes, but worth it), this video excites me about the incredible opportunity I’m going to have in such a beautiful country.

  • Carl Wagner

    Wow I want to another video. This was interesting.

  • http://helpmybusiness.com arun kumar

    its was a stunning country…enjoy around it…wonna need to stay for a some days days…

  • Mike Elam

    After viewing Andrew Lock’s trip I must say that I am energized to work twice as hard in my small business. The fact that Andrew’s methods work all over the globe, and they allow him to travel to such neat places, is a big inspiration. I am definitely adding the website to my list of favorites.

  • Nino

    Good, useful in knowing the common places in australia, for visit as well as shopping.
    thanks expecting you to describe a video about uk.

  • libins

    Andrew its really fantasic. Good for business people. I like Australia too.

  • justin

    wow this site is very useful and entertaining .this place is very beautiful.

  • Stanley

    I’ve always strived to tailor my business according to world trends, my own area being somewhat passive in that regard. Such direction proved useful on more then one occasion. It’s nice to find a video like this, that explores it in a more detailed way. Cheers.

  • Dustin

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  • Nekoj Nekojski

    Nice and informative, engaging, not boring. I would’ve never though that the opera roof was made that way…

  • http://www.howtoachieveanygoal.com Joce Hearn

    What about Perth, Western Australia Andrew :))
    You must come and visit us.

  • http://www.michaeldrusso.com Michael D Russo

    Great Job with the video Andrew. Well presented. Tied it well to your ‘marketing theme’ and lots of good quality content. This was very close to home to me as I live in Australia and my wife is Fijian so I know and love both countries very well. Thanks for your efforts!

  • manirathina

    Your presentation is good. I like the places in australia. But i can’t visit that places because of my economy conditions. But i got an live experience in your presentation like i am in australia. The places you showed in the video and the details about their ages and important informations are so good. I like it very much. Thank you for that experience.

  • http://thegardeninglabyrinth.com/ Pete Moring

    Hey Andrew – I hope the Australian tourist board have offered you a large retainer for a regular series 😉

  • http://- harry rick

    i was really amazed to see the video. I would surely look forward to explore business options there.

  • http://helpmybusiness.com/#comment-50968 james jones

    I am inspired by the video. It really helps to think about business all over the globe.

  • Jonathan Banks

    excellent video. thanks for the useful information.

  • Ramya

    Video is awesome. Presentation is too good. The places you showed in the video and the details about their ages and important informations are so good. Thanks for the useful information. It inspired me alot.

  • Earnest

    Excellent Video Presentation, Great Job done. Very Useful info for all..

  • afreed

    excellent!thanks for making it more understanding the topic

  • Melissa W.

    Very nice video, good key points and the guy is very likable, which helps keep my attention.

  • Daniel

    Not sure if this was a video about business or if it was a virtual tour of Australia. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable video!

  • http://Tedrobinson.com Ted Robinson

    Hi Andrew,
    Great show. I always enjoy what you have to offer, even a travelog. But why wear the hat on the show? You have too nice a head to hide it, unless you had a terrible sunburn from Fiji or something like that. That’s my only negative comment, other than I’d like to see more of your shows with all the wonderful content that’s normally in them. They were the most helpful shows available to my knowledge. thanks again. Ted

  • Andrew Lock

    Thanks Ted,

    My head was looking a little shiny, that was the reason for the cap.

    I’ve been traveling a lot, hence the travel episodes – I figured it would be better to have those rather than no episodes.



  • Jessie M.

    Planes, Snakes, and Reefs OH MY!
    I was expecting a dry marketing lesson, but I was pleasantly surprised by the travel episode. Andrew is right, marketing is everything and everywhere so “thinking outside of the box” to look beyond the obvious is crucial to coming up with great ideas. Thanks for showing us the local culture (in both locations)!

  • http://www.aflairforwords.com Rusty L

    Nice travelogue. You entice us to want to go to Australia even more than we already do!!

  • http://audiovideoevents.com Greg Plotkin


    Great episode! Looks like you had a blast. If you had any daughters you would already be familiar with Uggs. My daughter had to have a pair when she was 8, because all her friends had them. And they’re over $100 per pair! No wonder they make a billion dollars a year.

    If you need a good cameraman for next year, I’ll can make myself available :)


    P.S. – Maybe the urinal advertising company is pronounced ‘gone ads’ and not Gonads since they were obviously gone.

  • http://www.videotime.com.au Tony

    G’day Locky, I am glad you by liked our island (Australia). We like it too!

    Apparently MacDonald’s trademarked the name Burger King in Australia to block them entering the market, that’s why they go by the name Hungry Jack’s down here.

    Keep up the good work.


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  • Honeybub

    Great video Andrew.
    With regards to the sign, NO POKIES IN PORT FAIRY, it means the town of Port Fairy (lovely spot) does not want any slot machines (pokies). There could have been a local club trying to bring them in.
    Looking forward to watching many more episodes.

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