#157: Asia Travels Pt 2 with Marketer Andrew Lock in Vietnam and Hong Kong

By locky|June 7, 2012|HMB Episodes|105 comments

#157: Asia Travels Pt 2 with Marketer Andrew Lock to Vietnam and Hong Kong

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This episode is a summary of the second part of my Asia travels this Spring. I include my observations on the five locations we visited in Vietnnam, including Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city), and Hong Kong, as well as Disneyland Hong Kong.  I’ll also tell you all the details about the now infamous cruise crash on SilverSea cruises.

All in all, it was a fascinating experience, and I hope you find it interesting.

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  • locky

    I hope you found this second part of the Asia tour interesting, even though it wasn’t the conventional format of episode that I normally do.



  • Vaniceno

    I do find this second part of the Asia tour interesting. I might as well see some more of your past episodes cause this is your shows are amusing and its fun to learn about how to make “my” business stop sucking 😉 I was hitherto a fool like most others to think that such stuff don’t really give me ideas. BTW weebly is awesome! I want to create a website like yours…;)

  • Mark

    This is a really amazing video to watch. This part of Asia travel to Vietnam and Hong Kong is interesting to watch. The ship shown in this video is good and huge. The presenter has presented the information very nicely. I was really thrilled and excited to watch this video.


    This video which is describing asia seems very fantastic. The Traffic part and the bike parking without car parking part described in the video is fascinating. I couldn’t believe that part.
    Photos captured by Andrew lock that were shown in the video were Outstanding. Overall
    the video is good!

    with regards,

  • Cindy

    I am really very much fascinated by this video. This video is very cool and the Asia tour to Vietnam and Hong Kong sounds a great fun for me. The travel episode is very much interesting.

  • Matt

    Andrew has made a very good attempt to capture the scenes shown in this video. I was very much excited after watching this video. This Asia tour sounds to be a great fum and the entire episode seems fascinating for me.

  • http://Google Neeha

    nice and awesome video . and this videos best of the year this Asia to be a great fun and the most enjoying we are for this videos The presenter has presented the information very nicely.

  • Kokila

    I am really very much amazed by this video.This si an awesome video.Asia tour sounds to be a great fun and the entire episode seems fascinating for me.I was thrilled by seeing the ship in this video because it is very Huge ship.

  • dhruv mehta

    a video that is worth watching over and over again.rally captures the Asian scene beautifully.didn’t know much about Vietnam before i saw this video.people carrying heavy load on their bike is really surprising,never heard of snake wine before.the ha long bay look so beautiful.would wanna visit the place someday.the photographs taken of hong kong were beautiful especially the shot of skyscrapers at night.in all a very good video and a perfect watch .

  • Radha

    This is a wonderful video co9vering Asia. I am delighted to see the video and its contents which fascinate me much. The video about traffic,bike riding,Vietnam,boat,ship all are very good and interesting to watch.

  • vishal

    Really good this video gives an entire picture of asian tour . The ship shown in this video is good and huge. This Asia tour sounds to be a great fum and the entire episode seems fascinating for me.

  • veni

    Quiet funny and interesting video. Shocked to know that there is no parking space for cars. The narrator,Andrew Lock has covered most of the Asian outlook. SNAKE WINE.., Yak!! feel horrible to imagine. He is given an excellent overall view about the business deals these days. By the way the huge ship looks amazing.

  • Vibhav

    nice in-depth view of the places. Was really surprised to see the “sea of bikes” in Vietnam; and even more surprising were the things carried by people on the bikes.

  • Kerry

    I was actually very surprised how glued I was to this video. I do think it was very entertaining. Vietnam is portrayed beautifully and the War Museum story really tickled me. It really makes you realise how ‘rich’ we are when you see how poor they are. Although the roads are very scary!! Good job!

  • Abbas

    Funniest one but this is actual overview of Asia.The entire video is much informative.Presenter’s style of expressing thing is amazing.

  • Ramesh

    I’ts an interesting video. ,Andrew Lock has covered most of the Asian outlook. He has given an excellent overview about the business deals these days.

  • Josh Sierra

    Very interesting and enjoyable take on HK and Vietnam. I’m sure the rest of the series is equally excellent. Loved it!

  • http://www.FirstPageOf-Google.com Wolfgang Bloomfield

    Thank you for this video which I found really interesting, I would like to visit this area too.

    It’s good to know that no one was seriously hurt in the collision.

  • shashi sharma

    this video is really very nice.Andrew made an excellent attempt of the travel to vietnam.That’s quit amazing that there are no car parks but only bike parkings..quite an informative video.

  • http://- Aleksandar

    wow, that was very interesting video. I knew they use bikes but there are actually no cars there. just a river for bikes – amazing

  • muhammed

    very superb video.the presenter is realy good.he really conveyed the information.it is an very intersting and nice video

  • muhammed

    the video is really enjoyable.the presenter really helped the viewers to understand the information easily,very awesome video

  • Vimal joy

    A good stuff that we can see over and over again. This captures the Asian scene beautifully.The photographs taken of hong kong were beautiful especially the shot of skyscrapers at night.. I have seen in this video. People in Vietnam carry heavy load on their bike is just surprising. I heard about Snake Wine.In all aspects the video is just superb!!!!

  • Austin Jose

    I liked this video a lot!.. It conveyed the information very easily and in a very good way. Awesome video!!

  • Austin Jose

    I liked this video a lot!.. It conveyed the information very easily and in a very good way. Awesome video!! Nice to know that no one was seriously hurt in that collision. Right now i want to go to Hong Kong!

  • http://www.theseedstosuccess.com Derek

    Andrew – great video review of your trip and so happy to hear you are doing OK.

    I have definitely added Vietnam to my list of Must See Places thanks to this episode.

    Thx – Derek

  • Bobby anna

    This is a really amazing video to watch.I am really very much fascinated by this video nice and awesome video I am really very much amazed by this video .Really good this video gives an entire picture of asian tour .Funniest one but this is actual overview of Asia .Very interesting and enjoyable take on HK and Vietnam . It conveyed the information very easily and in a very good way

  • http://andrewskelly.com Andrew Skelly

    Andrew, I always enjoy your shows no matter the format. I also see you’re making good use of those fiverr gigs. Thanks for sharing.

  • nadia

    Asia tour is interesting, motor bike seen was interesting but dangers as well, pop corn ,and sank in jar oh my GOD, ships in this video is good and amazing. enjoyable video and interesting information.

  • cinu

    Wow this is such an awfull video to watch. It is really time worthy. Short and simple video . Gave an idea about asia tour. Thanks for posting this video.

  • vimaladevi

    very nice video and i enjoy it. to know more about the Asian. very interesting and joyful video. Awesome video.

  • Ellis James

    Wow! Very nice video – I’d love to go there!

  • Stephen Jobling

    Nice to see how this culture live. Love that they use bikes to get around, very enviornment freindly! (though not through choice).

    Lol at the American war crimes musseum, maybe they will make one for Tony Blair aswell :S

    Overall great video, really beauitful places, would love to travel to Asia for a month! would give the cruis a miss though I think.

  • Georgescu Popovici

    This was interesting, i never thought a communist country like China would build a disneyland, a western symbol ; guess the communists are not that close minded as i thought. Eventually China will become a democracy im guessing, same with the rest of the countries who are still dictatorial.

  • Abhilash Thadathil

    This is very interesting, Travelling to Vietnam and Hong Kong is really good to watch. The war museum story really touched me. The presentation helped to understand it easily. Overall its really awsome.

  • Jake

    Wow…. I have never thought of Vietnam to be so cool and beautiful ,before watching this video. This video clip presented some really good stuffs, why we should consider Vietnam and also Hong Kong as one of the Asia’s tourist destination… Really awesome… and I loved it how it was presented…. good work..

  • kjana

    I needed this info for some school paper and this video has the info in a very interesting way. I was so surprised to know how different things you could transport with a bike also I am always fascinating by tall buildings. keep up with the good work

  • Anthony Telesford

    Interesting, very interesting, cruise ship crash and all. I really enjoyed the low keyed delivery. Most promotional videos seem to push information at you. This video gently presented a lot of valuable information in a very casual manner, yet it held my interest right through. I would now try to do a trip like this for myself. Thanks

  • vaibhav

    Very impressive video.. and i am sure that my wife will be happy to visit Vietnam and Hong Kong with me. this travel video is really good.

  • Hristijan

    I loved this second part of Asia tour so much. Once my friends went to Vietnam and they said it was great! Now I see way. I would love to go to Vietnam cause I’m a bike lover, also I would like to visit the Vietnam Palace.
    P.S I watch your episodes ! So keep it going :)

  • victor

    Its really beautiful..I can’t still believe that such really beautiful places are there in Asia,especially in Vietnam and Hong Kong..!! the video was indeed very helpful one to me as I had to preapre a seminar on ASIAN DESTINATIONS..hues of gratitude for your great work…!!

  • Joseph

    And this is exactly why the Cruise industry is struggling.

  • smitha

    This is a very interesting video. The first part of the video ,travel to Vietnam is fascinating. By this short video I got a brief idea about the life in Vietnam. The presenter is presented this very nicely.
    The second part about Hongkong is also very fascinating. I am surprised by the tall buildings in Hongkong.
    Congratulation and thank you for this amazing video.

  • John Chennai

    Nice guest talk about Vietnam and the people and the transportation and the muesum, The unseen parts are explain by him is really interesting and his is clearly telling the experience. good video to watch


    It is the real beauty,the beauty of nature… Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees. it I see this video that time i think JOHN KEATSl words “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness.”

  • Mar Cruz

    Kudos! Very informative. I’m sure viewers are gonna like to see, for real, the places you have featured on this video. Your presentation is simple and easy to comprehend. I hope you could add more videos on different categories that I AM gonna follow. Thanks and you rock!

  • benito cruz

    This was recommended by my bro to watch this video, I got so interested to see that place in vietnam where houses made to float.
    This is really informative and Im surely going to check out your next post.

  • Animesh Chatterjee

    A great thanks to you for presenting this video on Asia tour. The most remarkable thing is the keen observation and great analysis about the people and the community of Vietnam and Hongkong. The culture,sociology, and economic conditions of these two countries are completely different. I have been mesmerized by your unique presentation. Above all, the story of cruise crash is very much interesting.
    We expect more video from you so that we can enrich our knowledge.

  • http://nil Vicky

    Superb video.i am from india it will help a very loy people..i love this episode more than your previous.keep going man.

  • K.M.Kashif

    Very nice video . Veitnam and Honk Kong are very nice places to visit . This video is very informative . I’m also a bike lover . So I very love this place .

  • K.M.Kashif

    Very nice video . Veitnam and Honk Kong are very nice places to visit . This video is very informative . I’m a bike lover . So I very love this place .

  • Raj

    truly an interesting video! :) Vietnam & Hong Kong has been presented beautifully, simple street wise travel, now that’s hard to find! Keep up the good work! Asia travels is awesome! :)

  • http://www.howtobuild-websites.com Lian Havro

    I grew up in Taiwan and am very familiar with SE Asia. It’s always good to know that non-Asians are interested in getting to know Asia/Asian. Andrew, you sure bring the world closer to your followers. Very nice comments about Asia/Asian which I appreciate very much. I’m also glad you and your wife (and the rest of the people on the cruise) were save from the encounters.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion about Asia.

  • Rachit

    This was spectacular to watch ! More and more people should see this fascinating clip, something that should be shared through our social media channels. Andrew, outstanding images. The content makes you want to drop everything and visit these places, exploring more then just Vietnam and Hong Kong, but exploring life.

  • Nyxalinth

    this is a lovely and fascinating video. It makes me want to visit Vietnam, and I learned some interesting things about the culture. Very well done and informative.

  • Chitra

    Tne travel to hong – kong and Vietnam was very interesting. I found such beautiful places only in this video. I am interested to visit the places.

  • George

    Fascinating video, very curious and interesting to watch this video. I am happy to visit such places. Will soon visit these places in direct. Places of interest in Hong-Kong and Vietnam are beautiful to visit.

  • Mark

    Hey…Nice video,i enjoy it very much and think is very useful.

  • Brandon Palmer

    Well i think this video was very eduicaticational and i learned alot from it, and when i find another video similar to this one i will want to watch it because this one was soo fun, and eduicational.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CpjMxXG52s shyamas

    very interesting video,I am eagerly waiting to visit this parts.The road crossings are very interesting.Ship incident is also interesting.thank you very much for this video,really enjoyed.

  • Tim McDonald

    I enjoyed this video very much. Your ship experience must have been scary. This video taught me alot about Asia as a whole. I had no idea they had a Disney World of there own. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  • http://n/a Danielle Brezler

    This is the first video tour I have ever seen of one’s trip to Asia, and I found it quite witty and insightful! Most interesting is the cultural blend of modernism and history. Andrew seems to have a profound reverence for this culture and did a nice job representing the uniqueness of the people and their resources. Americans are always wanting material things with short-lived satisfaction, so it was interesting to see how the Vietnamese are happy with the limited possessions they have. What a crazy story about the cruise ship in Ha Long Bay!

  • http://hknaturalsoap.com VincentKeele

    I really enjoyed this video. It somewhere I would not think to go, but may be putting it on the list thanks to you.


  • http://None Matt

    Good marketing advice and interesting trip to Asia. Saigon is my favorite city in Vietnam, although I got hit by a bus there! I haven’t been to the Hong Kong Disneyland but if it’s anything like the one in Orlando, it must be awesome. Cheers and hope to see more videos soon!

  • Juan

    Well, I really love this video because I like to learn about different cultures. One of the things that seem funny to me is seeing the motorcycles carrying bunch of stuff on them because in my country I have seen that too! Hahahah! I also like the beautiful scenes about the communities on the water, wow! it was outstanding.
    Thank you for sharing with us this video.

  • Darko

    All Hong Kong in 15 minutes WOW.Amazing video.

  • joe joseph

    nice video…but I got something on my mind for a long time…is it possible that cantonese people(hong kong) were once viet people or vice-versa? because they are both dark skin in general, short and their dial tone for both languages sound simular. Not to mention vietnam(i dont want to offend anyone but it is just a fact) was once part of china.

  • http://sdinst.blogspot.com Todd Hicks

    The pictures and storyline of this video are good. However, it is annoying to watch this video due to the bad reception. Every few seconds, the footage of the speaker stops and does not resume for several seconds.

  • raghul raj

    andrew!!!!!! it is very amazing to see the second part video of asia tour……..first thing comes to my mind after watching this video is that feeling ashamed as being asian i couldn’t have a chance to explore asia……as a marine engineer i feel scntillating to see that huge passenger vessel…..hong kong & vietnam seems to be busiest places in the world!!!THANKS A LOT LOCKY for this presentation…….

  • liz

    I am an Asian, and never ever seen such beauty around. I feel embarrassed really,that i was blind to such scenic beauty around. This is of course an appreciable piece of work. Hats off to you man. The presentation is amazing.A tour within 15 mts :) This is simply GREAT!!!!!!
    Keep it up.. All the very best

  • josh

    WOWWW………this is extremely amazing… I am a person who always love travelling and for me this is the the right stuff for me.. Thanks alot man !

  • Dinesh

    The traffic is heavy due to heavy population and lot of bikes on road comparing from other contries. motorcycles carrying bunch of stuff on them because in my country

  • Pracheth.A

    This video is really amazing i liked it very much.particularly the ship thing.

  • Tejaswin

    great video!! 15 min of pure information.
    really worth

  • mick tarty

    This is a delightful video to watch. It surely gives an insight to the entire tour of asia. I would love to visit the awesome places soon.

  • murali

    This is a really amazing video to watch

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    This video is really superb.After watching the video i love to see those places.It is very informative.Really you done a great job.You are rocking.Thanks.

  • Siddanth

    Nice video with cartoons explaining about the experience of different locations

  • Vivek

    Vietnam reminds me of Pune. It is a mid-sized city here, quite famous for IT. Anywhere you look, you’ll find hundreds of bikes and scooters. People prefer them to public transport and cars because they’re compact and great for the narrow winding roads of the city.

  • ravi

    It was a great video with a lot of information for people who would like to travel to Vietnam and Hong Kong

  • mukesh kumar

    i am an asian guy and i like this video very much. Absolutely this part of Asia travel to Vietnam and Hong Kong is interesting to watch.

  • farzana

    it was really amazing……i was fascinated and i cant believa about the bike filled roads and couldnt stop laughing when you told us how to cross the road among those .

  • http://veryinterestingTravellthroghoutVietnamAndHongCcong amanil mart

    very interesting Travell throghout Vietnam And Hong Ccong

    This video is showing everything to us.This video which is describing theire culture and very butifull places and more and more. while i am waching this video i feel like i am travelling throgh this places.

  • shinu ns

    i enjoyed this show…. its coooooooooooollllll

  • madhu

    Andrew lock’s is a very inteligent person.
    He choosed very good way for marketing his business and as well as he is developing his site.

  • Danielle

    Great show, as always. I’d like to visit Asia after watching the show. I love the three little pig dumplings at Disney World. Looks like a fun trip.

  • http://writinghelptools.com Shaun

    Interesting travel show Andrew. Based on your amazed reaction to Vietnam, it sounds like you haven’t yet been to India. Now there is a truly fascinating place to visit! I look forward to your videos from there!

  • http://EscapeEmotionalAbuserNow.com Ruth Elaine David

    Bravo! More! Will be forwarding this to nephew who is a superintendent at a large high school and several teacher friends – Andrew, you consistently amaze and inspire growth in your audience – thank you – thank you – thank you!!!

  • https://www.theherbalist.com/ theherbalist.com/

    I’m really inspired with your writing abilities and also with the structure for your blog. Is this a paid subject matter or did you customize it your self? Anyway keep up the nice high quality writing, it’s rare to peer a nice blog like this one today..

  • locky

    Hi theherbalist,

    Thank you for your kind words, and welcome to the show! I’ve been doing these episodes since 2008, and the subject matter is all original.

    Thank you 😉


  • http://sharonoday.com Sharon O’Day

    Wonderful change from your regular … wonderful shows! So many of us remember the horrid images of people trying to get helicoptered out of Saigon on the last days before the fall of the government. Your images provided a form of closing brackets. Thank you!

  • Venkat

    Hi theherbalist,
    The video gives so much information rather than their living culture.

  • Jothi

    Very Nice Video and awesome. Really i Enjoy Much

  • shinu ns

    its a great video..i love it ..coooooooooolll…hope it will help me

  • Minie

    Great video..Must for every marketer..

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    Enjoyed your explanation of your trip. I was surprised about the accident and the news report so quickly. I am just getting started, and am excited about the experience. Thanks, M

  • http://golfmarketingseminars.com Pia Kreisman

    A video worth watching! The video is so fun and it did really depict ASIA! The buildings, the BIKES– so ASIA! I have been to some parts in Asia, especially Vietnam and Hongkong and this video reminded me a lot of my time there plus Andrew Lock hosted the show well! Makes me wanna go back to Asia again! Definitely watching more Andre Lock’s videos!

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    Very nice
    Cool video

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    Andrew – you really should think about doing a travel show as well. No one looks at travel from a customer service perspective. It would be unique – as are all your other ventures.

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