#156: Special Episode – On the Road in Tokyo and Singapore. The Travels and Observations of a Marketer.

By locky|May 27, 2012|HMB Episodes|64 comments

Episode #156 – On the Road in Tokyo and Singapore.  Travels of a Marketer.

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This episode is a summary of the first part of my Asia travels this Spring.  I include my observations about Disneyland Tokyo, and Singapore.  It was a whirlwind experience, and I hope you find it interesting.

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  • locky

    Obviously this is a different style of episode, and I thought I’d share it since so many people have been asking about my travels in Asia.

    I hope you find it interesting.



  • Krystal

    Great photos and story of your vacation. I’m completely envious – hoping that I’m able to travel like that at some point :)

    Thanks for all the information and links.

  • David

    I enjoyed watching this episode, it’s very interesting. I’ve always wanted to travel in Asia and I am definitely going to visit Tokyo and Singapore and see all these fascinating places.

  • Rachel

    Interesting episode. I’d love to eat in a food court themed around a library– food and books, two of my favorite things.

  • Manuel

    That’s amazing trip! I would like to have a trip to Asia… and it’s a good story for television…

    you’re definitely a lucky guy!!!

    best regards

  • Anna

    I’m not really sure what the point of the Kermit bit at the beginning is, but the rest of the programme was pretty cool. I did find it funny that you were disconcerted by being a foreigner in Japan, considering that you were in Tokyo, one of the most diverse cities in the country.

  • Lidia Mary N

    Loved the video. I would love to visit Tokyo and Singapore. Especially the Singapore food courts. Want to have my best loved milk shakes. :)

  • http://Mturk Holly

    I like the part with the video of Tokoyo. I would love to visit. I question the use of Kermit the Frog. Not sure what the connection/purpose. You added a great deal and came off as very professional.

  • Enio

    Congratulations Andrew! Great Video!
    I hope next year I can also make a trip to Asia with my girlfriend. Thanks to show us all that great spots there.

  • Marisa Antoine

    Great video. Very, very interesting. Now I feel like visiting Asia.

  • Jim

    Very good video! Interesting trips, makes me want to travel to Asia in the near future.

  • Igor

    Excellent video,good photos.I would to visit some of countries from video,also im enjoying when im wathcing this video :)

  • George Martin

    Wow thats a cool idea to put what you do in a more international context. I know it might not seem to special, but I wouldn’t have come up with it.

  • Jayachandran

    I enjoyed watching this video , it’s very interesting. Good photos. NowI feel like visiting Asia.

  • http://website.com Bryan

    Interesting video. Singapore is my dream home haha.

  • Reuf Jahic

    First that I liked on this video is tokyo disney resort. It is very beautifull .I wish to go to Asia and see this resort.But whole video is great and photos to,building expecialy .I would like visit Singapur and its food courts to.I enjoyed watching this video all 15 minutes and it was not boring at all, i don’t skip any moment heh.

  • arpit

    Great work ..very informative video

  • CeeCee

    I enjoyed the video. It was especially interesting to see the way that marketing was weaved into the video in such a way that the message was clear but not overwhelming. I would love to go to some of these places.

  • John

    Very informative and quite interesting. I can not decide why should i visit those places, to simply have fun or to see/observe successful business strategies.

  • Charlotte

    WOah, that was really interesting, I loved the way travels and country discovery is melted with interesting comments about marketing.
    A different view of this country was good too.
    I’ve never seen one of your video but it give me a taste for it. Thanks.

  • Victor

    Its really awesome! Loving the way its all presented with brilliant creativity and informative approach while developing and increasing the interest of viewers.
    A worth watching and a must share indeed.

  • Sanjeev

    Great Video there. I enjoyed seeing this. I wish i can travel some day like this too. Good luck!

  • http://loanloans.blogspot.in/ Omkar

    Really informative video.
    So I guess my first priority in Tokyo must be Disney sea and that in Singapore must be food.
    Anyways really informative video.
    Quite interesting Hotels in Singapore.
    Will keep in mind to take sweaters while having a fun visit to Tokyo.

  • shubham k

    Great and awesome video! Creative Presentation and great approach. I would love to go the places shown in the video. Would love to try the food from Japan and Singapore. A worth watching and must share.

  • Siddharth Dagar

    Hey there! It was really worth watching such an amazing video explaining everything so perfectly!It has really kindled my interest in those cities. I thank you for that!

  • http://helpmybusiness.com/archive/ Sonja Cassandra Perdue

    That’s was an interesting start. LOL. But, good show. Business, marketing, travel and culture all wrapped up in one show. Keep me watching. Looking forward to the next segment.

  • Rajeev v

    it is very informative and interesting video,i like the episode of the tv show and i would like to go Tokyo,singapore to see all these places

  • Paulina Regis

    Very informative and entertaining episode! Its amazing how different businesses all over the world use fun and innovative ideas to improve the marketing of their business, especially the store that gives discounts to members who “like” their facebook pages. I honestly enjoyed this episode and i’m taking notes for when I open my own business someday. By the way thanks for the website you mentioned at the beginning, I need help creating my own website.

  • Dan

    This was very interesting to watch. Never got too boring and I liked the different aspects of topics that were covered.

  • http://twitter.com/jenchn ocean

    I enjoy the part of Singapore.I live in China now.In some day I really wish to work there and settle down there.It’s a amazing city to live through this video.

  • Jun

    Very nice vid. I love the Singapore part especially the marketing ideas, i will try to apply those ideas on my own business. and who would have thought a library style food court exist!

  • Libz

    Its really amazing.I enjoyed watching this video , it’s very interesting. Good photos.I am planing to visit singapore soon.

  • Gokul Gopu

    Awesome video. I really enjoyed watching it. Actually I want to go Tokyo Disney resort shown in this video. This video really fueled my desire again! Really appreciating this work. Thanks for this informative as well as entertaining episode.

  • renjith

    woh…. very great and amazing video… would you like to go to a trip to Tokyo and Singapore like this…I am also enjoyable to watch this video. very very interesting…

  • Nithin

    this was really interesting and informative episode ,i loved watching it,i Actually want to visit Disney in japan i never knew before there was such a place in japan,also the marketing techniques followed in singapore are simply great i liked their library themed food court very much …episode was simply awesome

  • Nithin

    this was really enjoyable and informative episode ,i loved watching it,i want to visit Disney in japan, i never knew before there was such a place in japan,also the marketing techniques followed in singapore are simply great i liked their library themed food court very much …episode was simply awesome

  • kannapiran

    It is an excellent video , quality of the video is good.When i visit tokyo for sure i will see these places,thanks!!! it is wonderfull

  • Arun

    Excellent!!! It was really enjoyable and informative video.I loved watching it,I liked the marketing techniques followed in Singapore. i liked their library food court very much.Keep showing such great videos….

  • Silvio Vega

    Excellent Review! I´m much more interested in visiting Asian culture now and learn some marketing trends too!

  • Lavin

    Good job Andrew…You done it very well…The photos and the video definitely inspires me about a tour to China..especially Disneyland!!!

  • jerome

    it is really a good video and very helpful to everyone who has watched this.the places are really good and i want to get into these places in my life.the quality of the video is good!!!!!!!

  • Jiraiya

    Kermit was great! At first I was a bit confused until he said you were his new best friend. I’m planning a trip to Asia soon and I absolutely loved the library-themed food court. Well, I guess food courts are themed at Christmas. :) Anyway, great video. And thanks for the weebly.com tip.

  • http://100tovisit.blogspot.com Sara

    Neat review without any exaggeration. Tokyo is definitely on my list now. Keep the videos coming!

  • edelwina

    absolutely no question you are my genious and hilarious figure in my internet world andrew.I expected to have a good laugh before I watch your show. video is definitely the best way we can promote our business, hope to have enough money to visit the world.asia is surely one of the best place to visit. I’ve worked in japan for six month and really love there.thanks for all the great info. :)

  • Vern in Vancouver USA

    Yes ! …Really liked this Episode. Thanks Andrew for sharing your “travels” and experiences with us. Some of the ideas were very creative and inspiring.

  • http://www.theseedstosuccess.com Derek

    Andrew – you are doing a great job revealing another part of the country I would love to get to. I love your marketing tips along the way, of course. The segment I liked the best was the food court fashioned like a library – truly amazing idea. Glad you made it back safe and looking forward to Episode #2.


  • http://www.yournewstory.com Barbara

    Great episode Andrew,
    It had the personal touch.
    I watched it a couple of times for the interesting marketing idea.

  • http://www.developinghealthyhabits.com Mark

    Andrew – I loved this episode. I especially loved all the pictures of Luci. Are you sure she was with you? :-p

  • http://www.donchiantrader.com Michael

    Very good. A great way to present alternate marketing concepts from a part of the world that I love.

  • Angelica

    Loved the way you mix your travel experience with notes on marketing.
    It was fun to see your trip and looking forward to Vietnam.

  • http://fullpotential.com James Rick Stinson

    I like new format, very personable and ties in well with marketing concepts.

  • http://tshirtbliss.co.uk Linda

    Hi Andrew,
    really enjoyed this episode, it was great to share in your adventure. And I learned stuff. Thank you

  • Leanne Smith

    Hi Andrew,

    Loved this episode, as traveling is my #1 passion, so it was fun seeing where you went, and how they market themselves over seas.
    Thank you

  • http://shaverlakelogcabin.com Roland Krevitt

    Enjoyed your travelog. Really brings back memories. I’ve been to Japan and Singapore about 80 times while working for Apple. Loved it. Did you try durian when in Singapore?

  • bernd hubl

    really enjoyed this episode,

  • locky


    I’m glad you mentioned durian! Wow, what can I say about that fruit? It smells disgusting, and the taste was like nothing I’ve ever tasted. I actually had durian ice cream, and it grew on me after a few bites.


  • http://blog.targuzo.com Patrice – Marketing pour gagner

    Pretty good video. I know pretty well South-Est Asia and I’m surprised when I can the differences communications between and our western countries.
    They don’t market their good as we do but anyway, it works as well. It’s up to people habits and behaviours.

  • http://UnderConstruction JIMBO

    The most unusual and informative travelogue i can ever remember. I can hardly wait for the next episode!

    Well done.

  • Orange Peel

    loved vicariously traveling with you! …you are encouraging!

  • http://www.dimensionsincorporated.com John White

    Hi Andrew,
    I enjoyed your vacation tour and the quality was quite good using your iphone.
    Thanks for sharing,

  • http://golfmarketingseminars.com Pia Kreisman

    I stumbled first on the hk and vt trip and made me want to watch more of your blog vids! I love how you joined Tokyo and Singapore on your trip and video. These two countries are truly developed and marketing wise, they have a lot of similarity in terms of the market! I have never been to Tokyo but definitely going this year! I’ve been planning this for a very long time and this video definitely made up my mind!

  • http://samratyadav.com/what-are-affirmations?destination=node/22 Blythe

    At this moment I am going to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming over again to read further news.

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    But this looked nothing like a standard whoopie pie.

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