#148: Jim Cockrum Interview – Free Marketing, 101 Low and No Cost Marketing Methods for Your Small Business

By locky|October 12, 2011|HMB Episodes|89 comments

Episode #148 – “The One With Jim Cockrum” – Small Business Marketing Tips

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Jim Cockrum has been helping small business owners for many years, and I personally have the utmost respect for what he does, and how he does it.  He’s one of the good guys, and his latest project solidifies that.  All proceeds
from his new book are going to a terrific charity, Hope Village Detroit, that helps young entrepreneurs.  The book is titled: “Free Marketing: 101 Low and No Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Off.

In this interview, which was conducted over Skype, we discuss:

> Jim’s background as an eBay advisor

> How to be an expert in your niche

> How to be a great leader, and guard your character

> Interacting with your customers effectively

> An unconventional way to deal with BOTH unhappy but reasonable customers and habitual complainers

> Why Zappos irrational policies work so effectively both for customers and employees

> The ‘one marshmallow now’ principle

> The book “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely

> Why content is King, especially to build a list, and an audience

> How Jim Cockrum got Dave Ramsey to endorse and promote Jim’s new book: “Free Marketing”

> The power and importance of outsourcing.

> Why business concepts are more important than skills.

I strongly encourage you to get this book by Jim Cockrum for 2 reasons: (a) It’s great information that you can use, and (b) all proceeds are going to a phenomenal charity that helps young entrepreneurs. Click here to get the book: Free Marketing.

This episode of “Help!………..My Business Sucks!” is made possible by The Ultimate Internet BootCamp, the new way to build a profitable website from scratch, in just 5 days flat: www.MakeMoneyIn5.com – discover how to build the small business of your dreams, today.

As usual, let me know your opinion about the topics covered in the show to help your small business this week – leave your comment below, it’s really easy to do, no registration required.

Enjoy the show!


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  • locky

    Get Jim’s book here: http://budurl.com/thefreemarketingbook – you’ll benefit your business, and the proceeds are going to a great cause (and in case you’re wondering, I’m not making a dime for this endorsement).


  • bhekhraj

    it is nice to see some good idea given by you.it will surely helpful for us.the marketing tips given by you is very good and much like to me.

  • kanumul

    very interesting and tips given by you are helpful to everyone who ever are in the marketing field and who ever are looking for the solutions for their business especially whoever are staring the small scale business like me thank you…

  • Maftei Alexandru

    There are some good tips for the begginers about economy, marketing and entrepreneurship.

  • http://savvybizbuilder.com/ Business Mind

    This will definitely a big help in creating effective marketing campaign to promote business.

  • http://www.herngreen.com Jolanda

    What striked me probably even more then the obvious modesty of Jim, I loved the incredible kindness and unassuming way Andrew conducted this interview. Thanks.
    I wonder about Jim’s remark about “who needs skills”, which of course pertains totally to his own preference in life. Being skillful is a totally personal preference, and a skill executed properly borders to art in my opinion. Hail and thanks to the skillful ones that fix my car and bike, care for our cities greens and lawns :) That al said, this was a nice interview and inspirational too.

  • Mikro

    Videos like this one keeps us, the neophyte in internet marketing field, motivated to keep moving forward, knowing that there’s a definite success if we will just be persistent in attaining our goals. Continue inspiring people with these interviews.

  • Anju J

    I liked that rapid questions. This interview was very informative. He shared lot of ideas about marketing very clearly. he was very polite and this interview inspiered me a lot…..

  • Nijam

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  • govind

    The video was very much informative regarding marketing which helped me to understand the ways to promote my business and achieve success.It will be an inspiring one for beginners like me.

  • http://businesstooligans.com Chase Sherman

    I agree with Jim that PPC/paid advertising comes into the picture at a later stage of development. Especially if you’re just starting a business online, it’s most important to understand the landscape, how to engage, how to build relationships and how to sell.

    Fortunately with “engaging/relationship building,” social media has democratized our opportunity to connect with influential people… which could never be done before in a cost effective way.

    Thanks for the interview, Andrew.

  • Ashish

    Excellent Video. Nice digital marketing tips with practical advice which can be used by everyone.

  • Sreejith

    Very informative video for young business aspirants like me. Actually i was badly in need of some kinda advice.
    Thank you.

  • sujitha

    Your video is more inspiring. It’s the most motivating video, especially marketing tips are very much useful for beginners and for people who thinks to start new business.Keep up the good work.

  • Bill

    Very educational video. I feel better informed on to help my small business. We don’t have the funds to market the traditional way, and these tips will help us reach our goals without profit loss. Keep up the good work!

  • lahari

    Jim and Andrew are both ebay advisers.Jim talks about internet marketing and how to start of as a novice and become an expert in no time.He says Internet is a medium one can sell his ideas because everyone has an unique idea and hence people get better ideas from you.How to deal with with happy as well as unhappy customers.How the word “skill” weighs down in front of “confidence”.He tells in a way that is simple for every common man to understand.This one is a great video

  • http://www.prelumpress.com/ Kay Neal

    Your show just gets better and better, Andrew!
    I liked Jim’s take on skills, and I don’t think that he means we shouldn’t worry about having any skills; after all, every successful entrepreneur is bound to have some very finely honed skills in at least one area. But the obsession with technical proficiency of the kind touted by big corporations, standardized-testing companies, and school bureaucracies means that kids grow up being schooled but not educated and end up living a life where they never get to call any of the shots–and in fact not even being aware that such a life awaits, if only they hadn’t gotten used to keeping their brain in a box.

  • Karthik

    This video is one of the best videos in my life time. It has inspired me to change my way of thinking. Really really inspiring video. The quick fire questions and the way he answered it , shows the way of his Thinking. Jim’s marketing skills are bindblowing.

  • jen hutson

    It is always good to see a new perspective to help beginers grasp onto money saving, marketing as well as fiances. Very motivational and helpful for those new to the business as well insghtful for those people that have been in the business for a while. Thank you for ths opportunity!

  • http://www.facaeabook.com/vinoth1988 leo

    it will really help the beginners in business,very well digital marketing tips..

  • Ghulam Murtaza

    This was a nice interview and inspirational video which helped me to understand the ways to promote my business and achieve success. Tips given by you are helpful to everyone who ever are in the marketing field and who ever are looking for the solutions for their business especially whoever are staring the small scale business like me thank you.


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  • Allen

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  • Keato

    Interesting! Everyone who watches this who has a site can improve, these tips are great!

  • Chris Simmons

    Awesome episode and i am off to pick up the book “Free Marketing.”

  • sethu

    really helpful for me …This really helps me to implement my buisiness ideas ……His presentation is really interesting…awesome.Free maketting tips by Mr. Jim Cockrum is fantastic…

  • jansher

    In this video, there are some cool and very good tips given which is very helpful and motivating for the people who are the beginners in marketing and business. The way the interview conducted was awesome. Those who watched this video will surely gets motivated.

  • Deo Munipersaud

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    I really enjoyed the tips given for marketing your business especially in today’s economy. It was very informative and it’s tips you can immediately implement into your business. I found this to be very beneficial.

  • subodh

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  • Sreekanth

    The interview was very much interesting. The tips for marketing for small business was very informative. The interview was clear and easily understandable.

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  • john

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  • http://www.huntersmagnets.com Nancy

    Loved Jim and his ideas about leadership, character and reputation. I’m buying the book today. Love the show Andrew. Thanks for the much needed inspiration.

  • Satheesh

    The introductory cartoon tells about the hope of this video. Really very helpful tips provided. This was very inspirational. Keep it up!!!!!

  • jack

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    This video interview is really an interesting way to learn about marketing. It’s very educational yet fun to watch. Jim seems really down to earth and makes me believe that we can make it happen in this economy.

  • Julienne

    Great and interesting way to learn about marketing strategies.

  • Ravi

    This video is very helpful for budding business men like me. I really appreciate all the wisdom that you shared.

  • Jerome

    We don’t get rich doing certain things,we get rich by doing things in certain ways and both Jim and Andrew deliever great contents.

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  • jyoti prasad barua

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  • Patrick

    This video made me to begin selling stuff on ebay, great content, i had the feeling that Jim knows what he is talking about.

  • Blessy

    The best thing was all this information was free of cost… It was a refreshing experience with all the rapid fire questions.. A funfilled enriching experience…. Just loved it…

  • http://www.fullbusy.com Paul G

    These kind of interviews with the toppers in the online business not only brings extended knowledge but also a great experience for a beginner like me. The way Jim explains is very simple but powerful. Will check this blog often to learn more.

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  • Maya

    Wonderful talents you may be both with, but you develop your talents and learn new useful skills through great effort. And then? Impressive and admirable as they may be, they are still not as important as how you use them, and to understand how to use them, you need ideas. It is all the more true in this age, when we are beginning to feel how connected we are to the great sea of humanity (many unemployed) all around us, where there are indeed many, many, many skillful and talented people (who would love to work for someone with good character and good ideas. Good reputation too? Heck, yeah! :). To the extent that business and spiritual growth operate on similar principles, it makes sense that the kindest methods are going to win out in the end, whether it’s giving money back to unhappy customers or just letting people in on the real truth that you dig for (and certainly can consider and call yourself an expert about). Do we really need much proof that there is plenty of greed, ignorance and even outright lies going around in all areas, not just business? Anyway, the best idea is to USE YOUR BEST IDEAS, the best ideas you find, and your INTUITION in both your life AND your business, and keep learning more and finding and supporting more good ideas that you know will benefit you, and others! It can be a great world!

    I really benefited from the video, especially thinking about ways to use the wonderful blessing of the internet. The internet may not be very personal, but it contains so much information, and enables so many forms of connecting and sharing, and even making money! Thanks very much. :)

  • Joe

    I didn’t know that he was more comfortable with crowds than one-on-one. I’m usually more of a guy that talks better in small groups/individual vs. a huge crowd. I’m ready to get his book now. The internet is a good tool for making money, and I’m going to try my best to work on the internet.

  • gayathri

    Excellent information on marketing business.All entrepreneurs should definitely watch this..

  • Princy

    Great video and all the tips and advices are excellent. Jim’s Skills are really awesome. The books seems to be great..Thanks for this nice video.

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